THE Federal Government has warned of brown-outs and national power shortages if $100 billion is not spent on generators in the next 10 years, guaranteeing steep rises in electricity bills.
Power price rises have also been linked to the cost of connecting renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, to the national electricity grid and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, The Australian reports.
Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson said at the weekend the investment required to avoid power rationing and increase renewable energy “can only be paid for with higher electricity prices“.
“It is high time we started telling the truth about electricity prices,” he told a meeting of business people in Queensland on Saturday.
“We simply cannot maintain supply reliability for households and businesses if we don’t invest in electricity supply infrastructure. That investment can only be paid for with higher electricity prices.
“Australia now needs to invest at least $100 billion in electricity infrastructure over the next decade just to meet growing demand and replace ageing infrastructure.
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