The Sunshine Coast Daily today reported that Advancetech was “sold” only days after the recall of the Avanco DC Isolators and shortly before going into administration. As a result the burden and cost, which has been estimated at more than $4m, now falls on the solar companies that supplied the consumers with the faulty Avanco DC isolators.

Under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) the collapse of Advancetech does not absolve solar companies from their responsibilities and consumers are entitled to have the Avanco DC isolators replaced at no cost to them. It is then up to the solar company to attempt to recoup some of the cost from the administrators.

We are aware that some solar companies are trying to avoid their responsibilities under the ACL and pass the cost of replacing the faulty Avanco DC isolators onto the homeowner which is not correct and homeowners can refer these companies to the Office of Fair Trading website (link below) which clearly spells out their responsibilities.

If the installer of your system is no longer trading we can provide you with a quotation to replace the recalled isolators with German made Kraus and Naimer 1500V DC isolators.