Advancetech the importer and supplier of the recalled Avanco DC isolator has gone into liquidation after 27,600 of the isolators were recalled by the QLD Government. Sunshine Coast Solar Centre is urging all solar power system owners to check their DC isolators and if they find one of the Avanco brand they should contact the installer of the system immediately.

Avanco DC Isolators are easily identifible as they have the brand name in the top right hand corner of the unit as shown in the image below. Other brands may look similar including the Kraus and Naimer brand we have installed on our systems and if it doesn’t have the name Avanco it is not one of the recalled Avanco isolators.

If you do have Avanco DC isolators you should turn off your solar power system by following the shutdown procedure which should be shown on or near the Avanco DC isolators. After the Avanco DC isolator has been turned off your system is electrically safe.

Homeowners should be aware that the solar company that sold you the solar power system is entirely responsible for the cost of replacing your Avanco DC isolators – replacement of the recalled isolators must be done in a reasonable time frame and at no cost to you. You can find out more about your consumer rights by clicking on the link below.

If your installer has ceased to trade since your system has been installed we can provide you with a quotation to replace your DC Isolators.