We are often asked why someone would pay a little extra for a SolarEdge solar power system over a traditional string inverter and here are a few reasons why SolarEdge should be the only choice for your solar power system

  1. Increased Energy Production: If your roof suffers from shade a SolarEdge system will produce up to 25% more energy than a string inverter system and even if it isn’t shaded you will still get around 7% more energy. More energy = greater return on your investment
  2. Ultra-safe: SolarEdge systems are a lot safer than traditional string inverter systems. As soon as the inverter is turned off the voltage in the DC cabling drops to only 1V per SolarEdge DC optimiser. For a typical 6kW system this means a maximum voltage of 22 volts DC.
  3. Industry leading warranties: SolarEdge inverters come with a full 12 year warranty and SolarEdge DC Optimisers have a 25 year warranty. Most string inverters have a maximum warranty of 5 years.
  4. State of the are monitoring: All SolarEdge systems offer incredibly detailed monitoring which can be viewed on any tablet, smartphone or computer. As a system owner you will be able to see exactly how much energy each and every solar panel on your roof is generating – this level of detail ensures that you will always know your system is fully operational. Best of all this monitoring is absolutely free for the life of the system.

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