June 28, 2012

Solar Power on the Sunshine Coast - Can you afford not to install it?

Electricity prices will surge in July despite Campbell Newman’s pledge to freeze tariff 11 prices for a year. Figures just released show a minimum increase of 13.82% for tariff 11 electricity rising to a staggering 125% increase in the daily supply charge.

  • Tariff 11 prices will increase by 13.82% with a kWh of electricity costing consumers 25.905 cents up from 22.759 cents
  • The cost of electric hot water systems connected to Tariff 31 will increase by a whopping 55.21% – now is the time to install a super efficient Rinnai Solar Hot Water system
  • Tariff 33 prices will increase by 49.32% with a kWh of electricity costing consumer 20.416 cents up from 13.673 cents
  • Daily service charge will increase from 28.787 cents per day to a whopping 64.90 cents per day an increase of 125.45%

We can only speculate how much tariff 11 prices will increase once the price freeze is removed next year, based on what has happened to the other tariffs we should brace ourselves for a massive increase.

Can you afford not to install a quality solar power and solar hot water system?