Enphase Enlighten

In depth monitoring of Enphase systems

Enphase Enlighten MonitoringEnphase Enlighten is a free, detailed online monitoring platform that allows system owners to view both real time and historical performance data on any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

In order to view individual solar panel data you will be required to make a small one-time payment to Enphase.


Enlighten software features

  • Easy to read display showing electricity production and performance data – this allow system owners to make sure their system is performing correctly.
  • Household energy consumption data available with the Envoy-S metered (not available on older model Envoys).
  • View weather data for your area and compare daily performance against other periods.
  • Enlighten will alert you if your system is not performing as expected and will let you know how to fix the issue.

Overview of enlighten

MyEnlighten Features

MyEnlighten Features

Enphase Warranty Australia

Enphase Warranty

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