Fronius Inverters

Old models

IG Solar Inverter Range

The Fronius IG Range was one of the first Fronius inverters to be used in Australia. It was a very popular inverter with sizes from 1.5kW up to 5kW.

Available in both indoor (pictured) and outdoor models, these solar inverters were easy to service by Fronius Service Partners such as Sunworks Solar. Although no longer sold or manufactured these inverters are still working on many homes across Australia.

If your Fronius IG inverter develops a fault please refer to the list of error codes for the IG range. The most common error is 443 which indicates a fault with the AC circuit board inside the inverter.

Fronius IG Inverter Datasheet

Fronius IG Series User Manual

IG TL Range

The Fronius IG TL Range of inverters replaced the original Fronius IG range before being superseded by the latest model Galvo, Primo and Symo inverters.

Unlike the IG inverters the IG TL was transformerless and was available in sizes from 3kW to 5kW. The IG TL inverter was more reliable than the IG series and many of these inverters are still in use today.

If your Fronius IG TL inverter develops a fault please refer to the list of error codes for the IG TL range.

Fronius IG TL Datasheet

For details on the current range of Fronius Galvo, Primo and Symo inverters please click here

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