On Saturday some parts of the Sunshine Coast, including Maroochydore, Cotton Tree, Kuluin and Buderim were battered by a huge storm which dumped hail stones as large as cricket balls.

Some homes have been damaged by the storm and we are aware that some solar power and solar hot water systems have also been damaged. Damaged solar power panels can pose a risk to your home as moisture entering the panel can create a dangerous electrical arc – it is vital that you check your solar panels as soon as possible to ensure they have not been damaged. Please note that even if your solar power panels are damaged your inverter may continue to operate so do not rely on the inverter displaying a fault – a visual check of the panels must be undertaken.

Solar power and solar hot water panels that have been damaged by hail are NOT covered under either the manufacturers or our installation warranty – your household insurance should provide cover so please check with them.

If your solar power panels have been damaged then firstly turn off your inverter (AC breaker first then DC switch) then contact us immediately to have your system made safe by a qualified solar electrician (turning off the inverter may not be enough to ensure your system is electrically safe). We will then provide you with a report and a quote for replacing the panels which you can send onto your insurance company. There is no need for solar hot water panels to be made safe as they will continue to function until replaced.

If you are unsure if your solar power or solar hot water panels may have been damaged then contact us and we can send out a qualified service professional to check over your system.

Please be advised that under the terms of our solar power installation warranty any work that is done to your solar power system by a person not authorised by us will void your installation warranty.