Solar inverters are the heart and mind of a solar power system and are without question the hardest working appliance you will ever buy.

A solar inverter starts workin as soon as the sun comes up and only stops when the sun goes down (10 – 12 hours) each and every day of the year – the only other electrical appliance that comes close to working this hard is your fridge and the compressor in your fridge works for around 6 hours a day and is nowhere near as complex as an inverter.

Over 5 years your inverter will have worked for around 20,000 hours whereas your fridge may have worked for only 10,950 hours, a washing machine running for 2 hours per day will have run for 3,650 hours during the same period so your washing machine would need to last for more than 27 years before it has worked as hard as your solar inverter and you don’t see many 27 year old washing machines!

Early adopters of solar power will have inverters that are now over 6 years old and they will fail at some point in the future. The cost of replacing an inverter is not significant when compared to the amount of work the inverter has performed during its life and careful consideration should be given to the type and rating of any replacement inverter. If you are currently on the QLD Government 44cent feed in tariff scheme you will need to make sure that the power rating of your new inverter does not exceed the rating of your current inverter otherwise you may lose your entitlement to the scheme.

When can assist you with chosing a replacement inverter and offer extremely competitve prices on the full range of SMA, Power-One, Fronius and other inverters.

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