Until recently we have avoided installing lithium batteries on off-grid systems due to concerns about reliability and suitability however the new battery from LG Chem has changed our minds.

The LG Chem M48126P3S 48V battery has a total storage of 6.5kWhs and up to 10 of them can be installed in parallel giving a total storage capacity of 65kWhs which is more than enough for even the largest off-grid home.

The best thing about the battery is that more batteries can be added at a later date (up to the maximum of 10) which is something that has been very difficult and expensive to do with lead acid batteries.

Each battery weighs 44 kilograms making installation easier however the batteries have to be installed inside a LG approved cabinet and are only IP21 rated which means they have to be installed indoors.

The batteries are compatible with the Australian made Selectronic SP Pro inverters.

The first shipment should arrive in Q3 2017 and we look forward to installing them shortly after.

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