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LG Electronics, Inc. (LG) is a world leader in consumer electronics, with revenue in 2013 of more than USD 143 billion. LG have more than 230,000 employees and has been in operation for more than 56 years.

Due to its diversified business model LG is unaffected by any rise or fall in the solar industry and will continue to operate and innovate into the future – giving you piece of mind.

LG started to R&D into solar panels back in the mid-1980’s and are now synonymous with premium quality, high performance solar panels. LG consider solar as a key part of their business model.

Solar panel manufacturing across the globe is currently experiencing a consolidation phase however LG is bucking the trend and embarking on a expansion of its solar manufacturing facilities in order to increase solar panel efficiencies and offer a wider product range.

In Australia, LG Solar panels were named as the best performing panels in 2017 by Choice magazine in a real world test. They significantly outperformed other solar panels including some well known brands. Here are 25 reasons why you should choose LG Solar panels for your Sunshine Coast solar system:

  • LG are a well known and respected consumer electronics brand
  • LG are experienced with more than 30 years of research and development in solar
  • LG Solar are fully vertically integrated
  • LG Solar panels are made in Korea
  • LG have a Customer Care Call Centre in Australia which is open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm
  • LG have extremely high quality standards for all input materials and processes
  • LG solar panels have advanced technology e.g. dual NeON wafers
  • LG solar panels have an aesthetic black frame design
  • LG Solar panels have an ultra stable, screwed frame
  • Capable of withstanding extremely heavy loads (550 kg/m²)
  • Ammonia resistance certification
  • Salt mist corrosion certification
  • Passed high stress PID tests
  • All LG Solar panels are Electroluminescence tested for micro cracks by the factory
  • LG product test centre certified by TÜV and UL (1st in the world)
  • 10% / +3% positive watt tolerance with nominal power sorting
  • Designed for easy water drainage from frame
  • Excellent output performance
  • Lightweight – but strong (17.3 kg)
  • High durability in adverse weather conditions
  • Light absorbent glass for higher efficiency
  • Transferable warranty
  • 10 year manufacturer‘s warranty on modules
  • 25 year linear output warranty
  • Warranty held in Australia by LG electronics Australia

All LG Solar panels are extensively tested before shipping

LG NeON 2 Solar Panels


LG Neon Solar Panel

LG MonoX Plus Solar Panels

The 5th generation LG Mono X panel offers longer warranties, higher efficiencies and stronger framing than previous models and will provide years of clean and reliable solar energy.

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LG Neon Solar PanelLG NeON® 2 Solar Panel

The solar panel of the future available today

The LG NeON® 2 has seen many improvements, from longer warranties and higher efficiency to stronger frames and better wind loading. This panel is ideal for homes seeking a visually pleasing solar panel and for roofs where space is tight or where future system expansions are considered e.g. to incorporate battery storage or electric car charging.

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The Panel Of The Future Available Today

Many standard 60 cell modules in Australia produce 260W power (15.9% efficiency) The new LG NeON® R at a similar physical size reaches an incredible 360W (20.8% efficiency), making it ideal for solar systems seeking visually pleasing panels and for roofs where space is tight.

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