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The LG Neon R is the star performer in the LG solar panel range and is 38% more efficient than a standard 260W panel.

With a 25 year performance warranty and a 25 year manufacturers warranty the LG NeON® R is the ultimate solar panel for your home or business.

The incredible performance of the LG NeON® R has been achieved by moving the busbars to the rear of the solar panel, this allows the entire surface area of the solar cells to be exposed to sunlight thereby generating more electricity.

In addition LG have installed 30 multi-ribbon busbars on the rear of the cells compared to a maximum of 5 for conventional panels (which are located at the front), together these innovations allow for much greater power generation in a solar panel not much bigger than a standard panel.

LG Neon R advantages

Key features:

  • Great Visual Appearance: LG NeON® R solar panels are arguably the best looking solar panel on the market today, they have uniform black cells with no metal wires and black frames which combine to create a visually stunning solar panel.


  • More Power per Square Metre:  The physical size of the LG NeON® R solar panel is very similar to standard 260W panels. As a result the LG NeON® R 360W panel gives you 38.5% more electricity per square metre than a 260W panel.


  • 25 Years Product Warranty (Parts & Labour): The all inclusive LG product warranty is an incredible 25 years which is 15 years longer than most of manufacturers and it includes replacement labour and transport costs. The warranty is provided by LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand.


  • Improved 25 Year Performance Warranty: In addition to the 25 year product warranty the NeON® R has a better 25 year performance warranty than most other solar panels sold in Australian. LG warranty that the solar panels will still achieve 87% of the rated output after 25 years, compared to only 80.2% for other panels. The annual degradation rate from year 5 to 25 is 0.4% compared to 0.7% for other panels.


  • Proven Field Performance All LG solar panels undergo a number of comparison tests against many other brand panels and they consistently outperform


  • Low LID: LG’s innovative N-type doping of their NeON® solar cells results in extremely low Light Induced Degradation (LID) when compared with other solar panels which are doped using the the standard P-type. This means you can be assured of more electricity generation over the lifetime of the solar panel.


  • Corrosion Resistance Certifications: As you would expect the LG NeON® R panels have been tested to the maximum levels for both ammonia resistance and salt mist corrosion – this means they can be confidently installed on coastal properties.


  • Extensive Testing Program: LG panels undergo rigorous testing in their in-house laboratories and are tested between 2 to 4 times the International Standards.


  • Strict Quality Control Reliable for the Future: LG take quality control seriously – production is monitored and improved to, no less than, 6 Sigma quality control standards one of which includes more than 500 monitoring points. This ensures that each and every LG solar panel that leaves the factory is made to LG’s uncompromising quality standards.


  • Cyclone Wind Load Resistance: Although the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Brisbane areas are not classified as cyclone areas we do get very damaging storms. LG solar panels can withstand these storms as the solar panels are certified to 5400 Pascals which is more than twice competitor standards.


  • Multi Anti-Reflective Coatings Increase Output: LG is using an anti-reflective coating on the NeON® R glass as well as on the cell surface to ensure more light is absorbed in the panel and not reflected.


  • Positive Tolerance (0/+3%): All LG solar panels are flash tested in the factory and sorted into different watt classes – a 360 Watt LG panel must test somewhere between 360W and 371W. This means you receive the number of watts you pay for.


  • Improved High Temperature Performance: Contrary to popular belief, as panels get hotter, energy output  is reduced. Due to the LG NeON® R’s improved temperature co-efficient they will deliver higher electricity output than other solar panels.


  • Anti PID Technology for Yield Security: PID or Potential Induced Degradation is a serious issue that affects the long term ability of solar panels to produce high levels of power production. LG solar panels have anti PID technology which has been successfully tested by leading third party laboratories.


  • Multi–Ribbons Increases Power: The NeON® R solar panels have 30 multi-ribbon busbars hidden at the rear of the panel underneath the backing sheet. This unique technology lowers electrical resistance thereby increasing power output and panel efficiency.


  • Fully Automated Production in South Korea: All LG solar panels are manufactured in a specifically designed and fully automated production line by LG in South Korea.

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LG Neon R

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LG Solar Brochure

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