Sunshine Coast Off-Grid Solar Installations

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Cootharaba – Sunshine Coast 8.4 kWh total storage

Richard from Cootharaba contacted us as he needed solar power for his weekender cottage. The power requirements are very low with only a small fridge, TV and a handful of LED lights therefore we suggested a system with a total capacity of 8.4 kWhs which will deliver a maximum of 4 kWhs per day. The system consists of:

6 x REC TwinPeak2  290watt solar panels, 4 x 12V 175Ah AGM batteries and 4kW Dual MPPT inverter / charger

Bollier – Sunshine Coast 46.92kW total storage

Gary from Bollier purchased a property with just over 200 acres. The house had an existing off-grid system that was well past its sell by date with equipment dating back to 1998. We recommended this be replaced with an AC Coupled system that would be installed in the shed close to the main house that would provide the property with just over 11kWhs per day which is more than sufficient for their energy needs – back up power is provided by a 7kVA generator which is rarely used. The system consists of:

14 x Risen 270watt solar panels, 12 x 2V 1955Ah Gel Sealed batteries, Fronius Primo 5kW inverter and a SP Pro 24V 3kW inverter /  charger.


5 Star Review - The Sun WorksThe guys at The Sunworks Solar Centres, really know their stuff & their professionalism is 2nd to none! I went in with an unusual request, to help me set up a solar light system for my stables. Wow🙌🏽 These guys are amazing!!! My stables are now fully lit using a solar light system I had designed but could never of succeeded without The Sunworks Solar Centres help. Thanks guys, you have blown me away!!!! I totally recommend these guys to everyone
Professionalism is 2nd to none