Off-Grid Solar Systems on the Sunshine Coast

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Whether you aren’t able to connect to the power grid or you want an off-grid solar solution for a shed or external structure, there are lots of options available! With the right system and today’s technology, going off-grid with solar on the Sunshine Coast can be as reliable and affordable as being connected to the grid.

Below you will find a very small selection of our most popular off-grid solar power systems utilised in the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. You can simply choose one of the system sizes below or contact us and one of our Clean Energy Council accredited design staff will custom design an off-grid solar power solution specifically for you.

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How to Get Off-Grid with Solar Energy

How to Get Off-Grid with Solar Energy

With electricity prices continuing to rise and more and more Australians seeking peace and quiet on rural blocks, the appeal of off-grid solar on the Sunshine Coast is growing. Going off-grid is different from normal solar for homes or standard residential solar power...


5 Star Review - The Sun WorksI did my homework prior to engaging a company, and I’m glad I choose Sunworks Solar. The whole team were amazing from the very start! They had an abundance of knowledge, which they explained in lay terms. Reasonably priced. They had the job done well before time. They were nothing but professional and respectful. Highly recommended!!
They were nothing but professional and respectful