When you are looking for a solar system, the first few things you will most likely think about is – what is the brand? How many panels do I need? How much will this cost me? While these are all great questions to consider, there are a few more things you need to think about that many people forget but are just as important.

The frame is the structure that holds the solar panels to the roof. Using the correct framing is important as it ensures the panels are secure. While significant cost savings can be made if solar companies use cheaper framing, this can also have disastrous consequences and replacing solar panels is expensive and time consuming.


The Sun Works uses Australian made and designed Sunlock framing, which is fully certified for all wind conditions and made specifically for the Australian environment. It is constructed with T6106 aluminium and has a 10 year warranty.

Cabling, isolators, etc.
These items bind together all the parts of a solar power system. It is another area where solar companies can save a significant amount by using cheaper equipment, but with negative consequences.

For example, current regulations require two isolators per string, which means on a 5kW system there are four isolators required. The Sun Works uses a 1500V DC isolator manufactured by Kraus and Naimer (the German manufacturer and world leader). These exceed all required standards but come with a significant price tag when compared to cheap Chinese isolators, typically offering up to $400 in savings. However, the use of cheap isolators has been found to be the cause of a number of house fires.

So, when you are shopping for a solar power system, make sure to be aware of these other factors.

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