Power Factor Correction

Businesses can save $$$$ on their electricity bills

What is Power Factor Correction?

Many business owners are completely unaware that, in addition to standard energy charges, Electricity Networks also hit customers with increasing Network Demand Charges. These are shown on your bill as kVa or kilovolt ampere.

Whenever your equipment is turned on, it causes peak surges of power. Your electricity company charges you a maximum daily rate for that expensive peak power, even if you only use that peak power for a few minutes during the month.

Edge Electrons PowerSave’s software-driven capacitors are like small batteries which provide peak power to your equipment, so that you don’t get charged for that expensive peak power from the Electricity Network.

The term Power Factor is used to measure how efficiently your equipment uses electricity. Many technologies – including lifts, pumps, cooling, lighting and motors – tend to waste a lot of power, meaning you are paying for electricity you don’t use. This is known as having a poor Power Factor.

Think of your electricity usage as this jug of beer. Although you pay for the whole jug, sometimes it’s inefficiently poured, and you end up paying for a lot of froth.

Froth is like poor power factor. The more inefficient your equipment is, the more froth you have and the more expensive your electricity bill is.

Edge Electrons PowerSave uses unique Power Factor Correction technology to improve the efficiency of your equipment and reduce the amount of expensive froth, or wasted power, in your electricity bill.

Sunworks Solar can analyse interval data from your power bill to determine how much you are paying in demand charges, what your peak demand is and calculate how much you will save by installing a Power Factor Correction unit (PFC).

Most businesses find that the cost if installing PFC’s is paid back within 5 years and in some instances you may also benefit from Energex incentives of up to $41 per kVAr.

Edge Electrons Powersave

The Edge Electrons Powersave units are available in sizes ranging from 25kVA to 250kVA. (100kVA unit pictured)

Edge Electrons’ PowerSave is the superior Power Factor Correction solution for businesses. Unlike anything else in the market, PowerSave uses globally-patented Digital Capacitor Array technology to deliver greater savings, higher accuracy and lower operating costs for customers.

This revolutionary product comes with a live customer platform which provides in-depth insight and monitoring from the moment it is installed.

PowerSave is the only PFC technology to consistently reach 0.99 power factor. This means it produces greater savings than traditional PFC technologies. Traditional Linear technologies correct power factor using large block “steps” which are highly inaccurate and rarely achieve the desired power factor of 0.99. Worse still, if the steps are too large, an imbalance will occur, and penalties will be applied by your Network, meaning less savings.

PowerSave corrects power factor using tiny, interchangeable “steps” which are highly accurate and consistently achieve the desired power factor of 0.99. Most importantly, the interchangeable steps are driven by sophisticated software which is constantly running to maintain a perfect balance, meaning no network penalties and greater savings.

PowerSave Features:

  • Patented array of software-driven capacitors ensure accurate correction in micro-increments (known as steps)
  • No reactors ensure low heat production, high efficiency and minimise unit size
  • Fully cloud communications-enabled for simple customer monitoring through a mobile platform
  • Quick and simple set up and commissioning features with auto CT installation detection
  • Upgradeable for harmonic protection, should site require additional power quality protection
  • 3-year onsite warranty
  • Three years of full performance monitoring billed as part of the supply price. Low cost subscription thereafter


  • Low heat ensures safe environment and no heat damage to surrounding equipment
  • High quality TDK Epcos capacitors
  • Partnered with global manufacturer, Flex, to guarantee safe and durable designs

For more information about how power factor correction or solar power can help your business save thousands of dollars a year contact us today for an obligation free quote


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