August 4, 2011

Brisbane City Council became aware on 27 July 2011 that Quantum Hot Water Heaters/Storage Tanks do not have WaterMark product approval and therefore do not comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia requirements.
Brisbane City Council (BCC) has taken the following action:
Compliance Certificates will not be issued for final plumbing inspections that include a non-approved Quantum Hot Water Heater/Storage Tank. This action will apply to final plumbing inspections completed on and from 28 July 2011 within Brisbane’s local government area until WaterMark product approval is obtained. BCC cannot approve plumbing installations that do not have WaterMark approved products installed.
With regards to Quantum hot water heaters/storage tanks installed between 1 May, 2011 and 27 July, 2011, Council is seeking advice from Building Codes Queensland on addressing this matter. BCC is also seeking information from Quantum Eco Hot Water on how the company proposes to resolve the issue of non-compliant Quantum Hot Water Heaters installed in the Brisbane local government area between 1 May, 2011 and 27 July, 2011.
The Plumbing Code of Australia required all hot water heaters and hot water storage tanks to have WaterMark approval from 1 May, 2011 against the relevant Australian Standard AS 3498-2009.
ALL Solar Edwards solar hot water products have a watermark certificate and the current certificate can be viewed by clicking here