REC Alpha Series solar panels

World's most powerful solar panel

REC Alpha Series

The new Alpha Series panel from REC is the the world’s most powerful 60 cell solar panel. Available in watt classes up to 380watts.

The patented Alpha series panels combine the benefits of standard crystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin film technologies for much higher efficiency and energy yield, even at higher temperatures.

The REC Alpha series is perfect for all residential and commercial Sunshine Coast solar power installations particularly those with limited roof space and high energy yield requirements. The incredibly low temperature co-efficient means that the REC Alpha series will deliver greater energy yields on hot summer days.


REC Alpha Series highlights

Greater energy production on hot summer days: The REC Alpha series boasts a temperature co-efficient of only -0.26% whereas most other solar power panels are -0.38% or higher. This means that on a 35 degree day when the temperature of your panels is around 60 degrees the power output from the REC Alpha series will reduce by only 9.1% whereas the production from other panels will reduce by 13.3% or more.

Improved shade tolerance: The REC Alpha features REC’s award winning “Twin Panel” design which means that should the bottom half of the solar power panel is shaded the top half of the panel will continue to generate full power.

Zero LID: When a panel is first exposed to sunlight standard panels suffer from a loss of power generation capacity. This phenomenon is known as Light Induced Degradation (LID).

This is a caused by a combination of boron and oxygen inside a solar cell and it causes a permanent drop in a standard panel’s maximum power. The n-type technology used in REC’s Alpha cells stops these two elements from mixing at any level eliminating any possibility of LID. You can rest assured that the power being produced by your panels will be the same as when it left the REC factory in Singapore.

REC Alpha Series Features

Warranty: All of the advantages of the REC Alpha Series combine to guarantee customers high power output over its warranted lifetime. The REC Alpha series comes with industry leading warranties


Ensures that your REC solar panels perform exactly as they’re expected to – every year for 25 years. With 0.25% warranted annual degradation, your REC Alpha Series panel will still produce at least 92% of its nameplate power in its 25th year of operation.


Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 20 years. As a certified REC Solar Professional Sunworks Solar can offer you an additional 5 years warranty on your REC Alpha Series panels bringing the total to 25 years.


In the unlikely event that a REC Solar Panel requires replacement under warranty REC will cover the labour costs as well as the replacement panel cost. This warranty is also extended to 25 years.

Alpha Series Technology

The REC Alpha Series solar panel is an amazing peice of technology that has surpassed any other solar panel available on the market today including LG (read our comparison blog) It is the first solar panel to ever combine the advantages of highly-efficient heterojunction cells, an advanced, solder-free cell connection technology, the power benefits of half-cut cells and the performance-boosting Twin panel design. All this means that the REC Alpha is able to deliver over 20% more power compared to a conventional panel.

What is heterojunction technology?
Heterojunction cell technology combines the advantages of crystalline silicon cells and thin film technology within a single cell structure. This means efficiency levels of over 25% are now within reach. Where a conventional crystalline solar cell uses a single material, silicon, in an HJT cell, the junction is formed between two different materials: crystalline and amorphous silicon, with the junction therefore referred to as a heterojunction. This creates numerous performance benefits compared to conventional cells.

REC Alpha HJT CellWhat is REC’s advanced cell connection technology?

The REC Alpha Series uses a specially-developed foil and wire combination to create the contacts between the cell and the metallization. This is a far less invasive process than the high temperature soldering found on a conventional cell, protecting the integrity of an HJT cell for better quality while reducing the overall lead content of the panel by 81%.

To create the bond between wires and cell, the wires are first placed on the foil, before the foil is placed on the cell. The foil will act as an extra protective layer against leakage and mechanical stress. The foil is then lightly heated to ensure it stays in position during further manufacturing stages. Once the panel reaches lamination, the outer layer of the wires melts to form a fully mature bond to the cell. This results in improved aesthetics as the wires are only 1/4 of the width of the ribbons used on conventional cell connections.

In a conventional solar panel, the ribbons need to be soldered to the cell busbars with very high temperatures, creating high thermal stress between the different materials. The advanced cell connection technology is solder-free, so has no need to heat the cells so intensely in production. The elimination of cell soldering produces a cell with far fewer weak points, greatly reducing the chance of hotspots and other defects occuring. and the lower temperatures used greatly reduce the risk of damage caused by the difference in thermal coefficents between materials, e.g., tin/lead solder mix and the silicon. By not heating the cell in the same invasive way, there is a much reduced chance of defects occuring in the cell structure which would otherwise create internal resistance and reduce power. In a conventional solar cell there are around 6,000 solder points in total whereas in a REC Alpha series panel the number of solder points is reduced to 320.

The use of round wires instead of flat ribbon busbars means that the efficiency of the solar panel is increased as the round shape increases the reflection of sunlight into the solar cell.

REC Alpha Series - increased light reflection

For more information about the technology included in the REC Alpha Series please read the Technology Whitepaper

If you would like a quote for a REC solar power system from SunWorks solar power installers Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gympie, give the team a call.

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