REC Solar Panels

Premium quality and reliability

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC has quickly grown to become the largest European brand of solar panels. With more 26 million panels manufactured and a dependable warranty REC is the logical choice for your solar power system.


Why choose REC Solar panels for your solar power system?

REC is a financially strong company – The proven Altman-Z Score is calculated by independent third-parties and industry experts and shows REC are considered a very safe option.REC Solar Altman Score All REC Solar Panels are manufactured in their fully automated factory in Singapore 


All REC solar panels undergo stringent internal testing. REC’s internal testing is twice as stringent as industry standards – REC want all of their solar panels to be reliable and perform strongly throughout their lifetime.

Hail Testing

REC Solar - Hail Test

Impact Testing

Dependable warranty  – A solar power system is a long-term investment and like any investment careful consideration should be given to all the components of the system. When considering which brand of solar panels to purchase for your solar power system, you want to be sure that the manufacturer will still be in operation throughout the duration of their warranties.

REC is a proven long-term player in the solar industry and REC Solar panels come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty and a linear 25 year performance guarantee. For more information on the REC warranty please click here

REC are the only manufacturer we know of that carries out regular degradation studies of panels of different ages and from climates from real-world installations in order to track power loss over time. The most recent study (see table below), showed that of the six sites (including one of SunWorks Solar customers in Warana) tested, none were performing below expectations. REC Solar degradation testing This testing on real sites and across different climates is further confirmation of the quality of the REC solar panels.

REC Energy Payback REC Solar panels have an energy payback time of just 1.2 years, this means that in just over 1 year your REC solar panels will have generated the same amount of energy required to manufacture them.

REC Solar Highlights REC Solar Highlights

REC Peak Energy Solar Panels

The REC Peak Energy Series solar panels have been installed on homes and businesses across Australia for more than 8 years – they are a proven product designed to stand the test of time.

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REC TwinPeak 2 Solar Panels

The REC TwinPeak 2 solar panels are the latest model in the impressive REC range and due to their unique design offer superior performance in both low light and high temperature conditions.

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Recent Articles

REC ranked most financially secure solar panel manufacturer

The leading global analyst company, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, has named REC Solar as "financially, the safest panel manufacturer" in the solar industry,based on the Altman-Z score as published in their Q2 2015 benchmark. Developed by Edward Altman in 1968, the...

REC Solar Panels “Go Floating”

REC, a leading global provider of solar energy solutions, announced the successful completion of tests to confirm that REC solar panels can be deployed in floating solar installations to the same exacting standards of reliability, performance and quality as on...

SunWorks Solar installs 12.48kW commercial solar system

Sunworks solar has just completed the installation of stage one of a 20kW system on a Car and Dog Wash business in Maroochydore. The installation consists of 48 x REC 260watt panels (12.48kW) and a Fronius Symo 20kW inverter. System information is monitored 24/7 using...

REC Solar panels pass enhanced hail test

REC have just announced that the REC 260watt solar panels have been tested by TÜV to withstand the impact of 35mm hail stones. The test methodology exceeds the standard 25mm hail stone test conducted under IEC 61215 by 40% and demonstrates REC's commitment to provide...


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