REC TwinPeak 2 Mono solar panels


REC TwinPeak 2 Mono Solar Power Panel

REC started to develop PERC technology in 2014 and are now the world leader of PERC solar tech with more than 2GW of PERC solar panels installed across the world.

The latest model in the impressive REC product range is the REC TwinPeak 2 Mono solar panels which build on the success of the REC TwinPeak 2 panels. The REC Mono Series uses p-type mono-crystalline PERC cells which offer even greater efficiency and power output.

REC TwinPeak 2 Mono panels are feature packed and use the same advanced TwinPeak technologies that have won REC multiple awards.

Key Features:

  • Half cut cells: Standard solar cells are laser cut which reduces internal resistance giving increased power output, greater efficiency & improved reliability.
  • Excellent Shade Tolerance: The panel features the innovative REC ‘Twin’ cell layout design which enables continued energy production, even when partially shaded.
  • Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC):  This solar cell technology captures more wavelengths of light also increasing efficiency.
  • Five bus bars: A shorter distance for electrons to travel in the cell improves the current flow, thereby reducing resistance & increasing efficiency.



Ensures that your REC solar power panels perform exactly as they’re expected to for 25 years. With 0.7% warranted annual degradation, your REC TwinPeak 2 panel will still produce at least 80% of its nameplate energy in its 25th year of operation – the highest of any REC or comparable panel.


Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 20 years. As a certified REC Solar installer we can offer a 25 year product warranty.

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