J from Little Mountain contacted us because he was interested in installing a solar power system with battery storage in his home.     He wanted to have a system that was capable of providing battery power even when the power grid failed and our solar power and battery experts recommended he install a 5.6kW system with 20 x REC 280 watt Twin Peak solar panels, a SolaX hybrid inverter / charger with EPS and a 6.5kW LG Chem RESU battery. The system was recently installed and he is already considering expanding the battery storage which is simple to do with the LG Chem RESU LV batteries. The system is fully monitored on-line and the easy to read displays show the power production from the solar panels, the power being used by the home, powering flowing into or out of the battery and power being exported to and imported from the power grid. This image shows the household power profile in the early evening. As you can see the power being produced by the solar panels is almost finished for the day with only 170 watts being produced. The LG Chem battery is providing 2,508 watts of power to meet 60% of the household load of 4,914 watts with the remaining 1,834 watts coming from the power grid. SolaX real time monitoring The following morning the household load has dropped to only 262 watts with 3,930 watts being produced by the REC Twin Peak solar panels. 1,974 watts of this power is being used to recharge the battery which is almost fully recharged and the remaining 1,416 watts is being exported to the grid. In the event of a grid failure the SolaX EPS box will ensure that essential circuits in the home continue to operate. During the day electricity will be provided from both the solar panels and the battery and at night the power will be provided solely by the battery. Please note that the SolaX EPS takes a few seconds to kick in and is not therefore a UPS system. SunWorks Solar is the Sunshine Coast’s leading installer of battery storage systems. For more information please contact us today