Rinnai Stainless Steel Roof Mount

Australian made and up to 39% more efficient than other brands

The Rinnai Australian designed and manufactured range of solar hot water systems draw on 70 years of knowledge to provide you with one of the most efficient systems available in Australia today.

The Rinnai Prestige range is the ultimate solar hot water system available today. With 2 ultra-efficient, Australian made excelsior collectors and an Australian made stainless steel tank the system qualifies for the highest number of STCs of any comparable solar hot water system.

Available with either a 330L storage tank which is perfect for family home or a 180L tank which suits townhouses and villas.

All Rinnai solar hot water systems are fully backed with a network of nationwide service agents –  Why would you choose any other brand of solar hot water system?

Key Features (System):

  • 330L system = 39 Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) – at least 30% more than other leading brands. Super efficient saving you more!
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Available in 330 litres and 180 litres.

Key Features (Tank):

  • Highest quality commercial grade Stainless Steel cylinders specifically designed for solar applications
  • Tanks do not require a sacrificial anode saving on maintenance costs
  • Available in aluminum outer casing (Silver Prestige) or a range of colorbond colours.
  • 10 year warranty on tank
  • Electric boost element or optional Gas booster ensure a ‘top-up’ on low solar gain days
  • Thermo arrestor valve included

Key Features (Excelsior Collectors)

  • Full aluminium solar collectors for maximum corrosion resistance
  • 10 fully encased risers on 100% copper absorber plate


Rinnai Prestige Solar Hot Water

Rinnai Prestige Solar Hot Water

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Warranty

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Warranty

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