Rinnai Sunmaster Roof Mounted

Ultra-effficient with maximum government incentives

Rinnai Sunmaster Roof Mounted Solar Hot water

The Rinnai Australian designed vitreous enamel range of solar hot water systems draws on 70 years of knowledge to provide you with one of the most efficient solar hot water systems available in Australia today.

With 2 ultra-efficient, Australian made excelsior collectors and a quality vitreous enamel tank the 330L Sunmaster system qualifies for the highest number of STCs of any comparable solar hot water system.

Available with either a 330L storage tank which is perfect for family home or a 200L tank which suits townhouses and villas.

All Rinnai solar hot water systems are fully backed with a network of nationwide service agents –  Why would you choose any other brand of solar hot water system?

Key Features (System):

  • 39 Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)  – at least 30% more than other leading brands*. Super efficient saving you more!
  • Australian designed and manufactured collectors
  • Available in 330 litres and 200 litres.

Key Features (Tank):

  • Highest quality commercial grade vitreous enamel cylinders specifically designed for solar applications
  • 5 year warranty on tank
  • Electric boost element or optional Gas booster ensure a ‘top-up’ on low solar gain days
  • Thermo arrestor valve included
Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Hot Water

Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Hot Water

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Warranty

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Warranty

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5 Star Review - The Sun WorksDealing with Mike at Sunworks Solar was fantastic. We had a small off grid system installed on our property on the Sunshine Coast. I contacted quite a few companies regarding having an off grid system installed and to be honest they were all hopeless apart from Sunworks Solar and particularly Mike. You will find that most companies will simply look up your address on Google maps to give you a price based on what sort of system they think you need but Mike came out to the property and had a good look at the house and the surrounding area. Not know much about what type or size of system to install Mike’s input advise and best of all honesty way greatly appreciated. Great company, great service and great people.
Richard - Cootharaba