Risen Solar Panels

Genuine Tier 1 Manufacturer

Risen Solar LogoSunWorks Solar Sunshine Coast are proud to use and recommend Risen Energy solar panels.

Risen Energy Co Ltd was founded in 2002 and is a premium Chinese based Tier 1 manufacturer of solar power panels and other energy solutions. All Risen panels are manufactured on automated production lines in their state of the art manufacturing facility, this guarantees consistent high quality panels which come with a linear 25 year performance guarantee.

The Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing process Risen panels undergo 2 electro-luminescence tests (once before and once after lamination), this ensures that potential defects such as micro cracks in the solar cells are identified. Only solar panels that pass the electro-luminescence tests are shipped. In addition to the electro-luminescence tests Risen solar modules undergo a further 18 full tests prior to shipping.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Maximum Power determination
  • Insulation test
  • Measurement of temperature coefficients
  • Measurement of nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT)
  • Performance at NOCT
  • Performance at low irradiance
  • Outdoor exposure
  • Hot-spot test
  • UV test
  • Thermal cycle
  • Humidity freeze
  • Damp heat
  • Robustness of terminations
  • Wet leakage current
  • Mechanical load test
  • Hail Test
  • Bypass diode thermal test


Risen panels have also passed the international salt mist test (IEC61701:2000) and the ammonia resistance test. All of these tests allow Risen to offer a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects backed by Chubb Insurance. Due to the high quality of Risen panels they are widely used in large solar projects throughout the world including the following:

  • 20mW in Qinghai,China
  • 10.1mW in Sardinia, Italy
  • 2.9mW in Schlenklengsfeld, Germany
  • 5mW in UK

Key features of Risen Solar Panels

  • Genuine Tier 1 manufacturer
  • Positive watt tolerance +3% – get the power you pay for
  • 12 year manufacturer’s warranty – higher than the industry average
  • Industry leading linear 25 year performance warranty backed by Chubb Insurance – peace of mind of mind for the future
  • Australian office – Unit 3, 450 Princes Highway, Noble Park, VIC 3174, Australia. Tel: 03 9021 7788

The following video highlights how Risen manufacture their high quality solar panels.

Risen Datasheet

Risen Datasheet

Risen Warranty

Risen Warranty

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