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SMA SB 5.0SMA 3.0 – 5.0 Solar Inverter

The new Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0 replaces the world‘s most installed residential string solar power inverter, the Sunny Boy 3000 – 5000TL, and offers a number of improvements over the old model.

For the first time, the new 3.0 – 5.0 model comes with built in Wi-Fi connectivity that enables simple and easy monitoring via SMA Sunny Portal. Once connected Sunny Portal will automatically analyse the solar inverter’s operation and report irregularities thereby ensuring maximum system up time.

The new Sunny Boy ranges in size from 3 kW to 5 kW, and, with its reduced weight, it can be installed quickly while taking up minimal space and is therefore ideal for residential solar power Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gympie installations conducted by SunWorks.

Key Features:

  • Maximum system design flexibility which means it is now suitable for more solar panel types and more complex roof designs.
  • Compact and lightweight design (< 16 kg)
  • Built in Wi-Fi capability for simple and easy monitoring
  • Ensures maximum energy yields for private homes

Watch this video to find out how to connect your SMA Sunny Boy inverter to the internet

SMA SB Inverter

SMA SB Datasheet

SMA SB Manual

SMA SB Manual

SMA Warranty Information

SMA Warranty Info

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