SMA 1600TL Solar Inverter

The great amongst the small

SMA 1600TL and SMA 2100TL Solar Inverters

Widely used on smaller residential solar power systems the SMA 1600TL and SMA 2100TL inverters were the leaders in their day and are no longer available for sale.

The transformerless SMA Sunny Boy 1600TL and 2100TL inverters offered a broad input voltage and current ranges, high efficiency rates, low weight and robust IP65 enclosure. 

Equipped with an all-pole sensitive leakage current monitoring unit, which guaranteed safe operation at all times, the Sunny Boy 1600TL was also compatible with SMA communication products. 

It was equipped with system monitoring via Sunny Explorer and the optional Bluetooth interface. 

Key Features:


  • Efficiency of up to 96%
  • Transformerless


  • Integrated ESS DC switch-disconnector
  • Proven technology
  • Maintenance free, thanks to convection cooling

Download the SB1600TL Datasheet

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