SMA Sunny Island

Perfect for AC Coupled Off-Grid Solar Sunshine Coast

SMA Sunny IslandSMA Sunny Island

The Sunny Island is a comprehensive off-grid inverter/charger that benefits from 25 years of SMA experience. The Sunny Island inverter/chargers are German designed and manufactured and are perfect for use in AC coupled off-grid solar power Sunshine Coast systems.

The Sunny Island is extremely flexible and can be used to charge a wide variety of lead acid as well as lithium batteries such as the BYD.

In addition it can be programmed to auto-start a suitable generator if you need additional power or if your battery state of charge is too low. Another useful feature is the ability to load shed excess solar energy into non-essential items such as a garden irrigation system.

Wi-Fi monitoring is now standard on the Sunny Island 4.4, 6 and 8 models and providing the unit is connected to your home internet you can monitor the system from anywhere in the world via Sunny Portal.

This summary page from a system in Belli Park shows that 2.56kW of power is being provided by the Sunshine Coast solar panels, the house is using 1.89kW and the remaining 680watts is being used to charge the battery to 100%. The generator is not required at this stage.

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Key Features:

  • More than 70,000 units installed across the globe.
  • German manufactured
  • 10 year warranty
SMA Sunny Island

SMA Sunny Island


SMA Sunny Island User Manual

SMA Sunny Island User Manual

SMA Sunny Island User Manual – Wi-Fi Model

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