Once considered a thing of the future, solar power is now a common fixture seen on thousands of roofs across the country. For those looking to save money and reduce their environmental footprint, solar power is a great step in the right direction. Although lesser known, solar heating can also be an effective way to reduce energy use and keep your showers warm and your dishwashing hot!

Solar power

Solar power panels generate electricity from sunlight. The panels take in the sun to produce DC current. This is then fed through an inverter and converted into 240V electricity which is then used to power your home. The number of panels you have, the size of the inverter and the position of the panels can all affect the amount of electricity you get. You are still connected to the grid if the solar power is not enough to cover your usage.

Solar water heating

It may come as a surprise that a quarter of the average energy used in Australian households goes towards water heating, making it an expensive chunk of your power bill! Solar water heating is a great solution that offers efficient, affordable heating through sustainable resources. It works by capturing the heat directly from the sun and transferring it to the water or heating fluid circulating inside a solar collector on your roof. This water is stored in an insulated tank or the heat from the heating fluid is transferred to the water in the insulated tank for future use. This is then used for all your hot water needs like showers and washing dishes or clothes.

Solar hot water is a great way to save money, reduce your environmental footprint and ensure a hot shower on the coldest days, so why not try it today? If you want to find out more about solar power heating or solar panels on the Sunshine Coast, talk to one of The Sun Works team on (07) 5479 3355 today.