With winter set in, the sun doesn’t peek over the horizon for quite as long during the day. It can be easy to think that this means your solar panels aren’t doing the work they usually do in summer. However, less sun filled hours and more cloudy skies do not mean your solar panels suddenly don’t work! We’re here to bust some of the myths you have heard about solar panels and the winter weather.

Lots of sun = lots of power

While more sunshine typically means more power to convert, the heat of the sun can actually be detrimental to solar panels. Fortunately, the long summer days make up for this impact. In winter, while the days are shorter, there is also less heat, which means the panels become more efficient in turning the sun’s rays into electricity. A blue-sky winter’s day can see some amazing levels of power produced on an hourly basis compared with summer.

Cloud cover = less power

While a cloudy day will reduce the amount of power you can retain from the sun, it is not as bad as many people think. The exact amount it will drop is dependent on the density of the clouds and the type of solar panel you have. This is also counteracted by those sunny days that offer lots of sunshine. Rather than just looking at those few densely clouded days, it is important to consider your sunshine all year round.

The importance of quality

One of the best ways you can combat winter’s shorter days and cloudier skies is with a good solar power provider. The best solar panels will produce the best results, so it is important to choose wisely. For those who live on the Sunshine Coast, The Sun Works have a great range of solar systems that offer value for money and deliver great results.

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