Fronius Solar Inverters

Made in Austria since 1992.

Fronius Solar Inverters LogoSunWorks Solar are the Brisbane, Gympie and Sunshine Coast Fronius experts.

SunWorks have been a Fronius Service Partner for more than 10 years and are proud to offer the full range of Fronius solar inverters for both residential and commercial solar power systems.

The Fronius company was founded in Austria in 1945 by Gunter Fronius and has grown to be a major company with more than 4,450 employees and is represented by subsidiaries in over 28 countries and by sales partners and representatives in over 60 countries. Despite its size Fronius remains privately owned and is very financially stable having been awarded a number #1 risk  indicator rating by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) – only companies with a high security factor are assigned such a positive indicator. D&B also awarded a score of 100 (out of 100) to Fronius. This figure represents a very low insolvency risk.

Fronius have been manufacturing solar energy inverters in Austria since 1992 and and offer a full range of excellent quality inverters from the impressive Galvo and Primo‘s through to the new Symo 3 phase inverters and the Fronius Symo Hybrid. More than 6.6 Gigawatts or 1,600,000 Fronius solar power inverters are installed on homes and businesses around the world.

All Fronius inverters undergo rigorous testing including 80,000 hours of accelerated testing before shipping as can be seen on this video

Fronius has an inspirational vision of 100% renewable energy which they call 24 hours of Sun. For more information visit Fronius 24 Hours of Sun.

Fronius Galvo Inverters
Fronius Galvo Inverter - The Sun Works

The Austrian manufactured Fronius Galvo solar inverters are the smallest in the Fronius range of single phase inverters. They range in size from 1.5kW which is perfect for use as an inverter replacement on older systems to 3kW which can be used for smaller solar power systems.

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Fronius Primo Inverter - The Sun WorksFronius Primo Inverters

The Fronius Primo inverter is one of the most popular single phase inverters sold in Australia. Fronius Primo inverters are manufactured in Austria come in a ranges of sizes from 3kW which is perfect for use on smaller systems all the way up to 8.2kW which can be used to install larger systems.

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Fronius Symo Inverter - The Sun WorksFronius Symo Inverters

The Fronius Symo inverter is the most popular clean energy inverter in the range of three phase inverters manufactured in Austria by Fronius. It ranges in size from 3kW which is perfect for use on smaller systems all the way up to 20kW which can be used to install larger systems on both residential and commercial properties.

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Fronius Smart Meter - The Sun WorksFronius Smart Meter The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter that optimises self-consumption of your solar energy by displaying a clear overview of your homes energy profile. You can see at a glance exactly how much energy your solar power system is producing and how much of that is being self-consumed by the home.

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Fronius IG Solar Inverter - The Sun WorksFronius have been manufacturing inverters since 1992 and the Fronius IG range was the first released into Australia (indoor model pictured) around 2007. The IG range was replaced by the IG TL range which was used up until the latest model Galvo, Primo and Symo inverters were introduced.

For more details on older model Fronius inverters such as the IG range or the IG TL Range click on the button below

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All Fronius inverters self-diagnose problems and will display an error code on the screen. For details on Fronius inverter error codes and how to resolve them click here

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5 Star Review - The Sun WorksRecently Sun Works put a 5 kW Fronius inverter and 20 REC panels on our house. This was recommended after a site visit and various options were canvassed. Within a week of this visit the work was done – old panels removed, new ones put up and the inverter connected to our supplier. Paperwork took five minutes and our iPad app was connected to the inverter so we could be gratified about what we we making each day. None of this would be possible without Sun Works great team – Mike, Peter and Wayne, not forgetting their hardworking panel installers crawling over and under the roof. Each man is a expert and a pleasure to deal with personally, by email or on the phone. You might think all this ‘over the top’ but this is the third house Sun Works have done for us. This speaks volumes for these men and their company – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you once again!
Jim - Sunshine Coast