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The SunWorks Solar Sunshine Coast team is the largest installer of SolarEdge systems on the coast.

SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and since then it has grown to become a global leader in DC optimized solar power solutions. To date more than 18,600,000 DC Optimisers and 765,000 solar inverters have been shipped worldwide and SolarEdge solar power systems have now been installed in more than 120 countries right across the globe.

Support for these systems is handled by the 14  offices around the globe and the Australian office is located at Suite 102, 23-25 Gipps Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066.

SolarEdge are 100% focussed on providing quality and robust products that are designed to withstand the test of time. Thousands of components used in SolarEdge products are evaluated and tested in accelerated life chambers and hundreds of complete products have been subjected to rigorous field and stress tests. These tests combined are the equivalent of over 100 years of operation for a SolarEdge product.

Each and every SolarEdge product is also subject to rigorous testing before they leave the factory, and each component, sub-assembly, and final product are thoroughly tested multiple times throughout the production process.

SolarEdge = quality, reliability and increased performance. Why choose anything else for your solar power system?

What makes a SolarEdge system different?

A SolarEdge solar power system can provide up to 25% more energy than a traditional solar power system and this video explains the difference between the various types of solar power systems available and why SolarEdge is the logical choice for your Solar Power system.

SolarEdge Benefits

Generate up to 25% more electricity than traditional systems.

A SolarEdge solar power system can generate up to 25% more power than a traditional solar power system. It does this by eliminating the problems inherent with traditional string inverters including:

  • Shading – Shading from trees / shrubs, TV aerials, satellite dishes and vent pipes all dramatically reduce the output from your solar power system. A SolarEdge system ensures that only the shaded panel(s) are affected not the entire system or string.
  • Soiling / Dirt – Dirt or soiling on a solar panel can affect power production. Once again a SolarEdge system ensures that only the dirty or soiled panel(s) are affected not the entire system or string.
  • Panel mismatch – All solar panels we sell have positive power tolerances however that does not mean they all produce the same amount of power. The power output from our 290 watt solar panels can range from 290.01 watts to 294.99 watts. In a traditional string solar power system all the solar panels are limited to the power output from the lowest performing panel which will reduce the total power your system produces, a SolarEdge system ensures that this mismatch does not limit production as each panel works at the optimum rate.
  • Panel degradation – The power output from solar panels is reduced over time as the panels degrade. This degradation is not linear and solar panels degrade at different rates creating differences in power output. A SolarEdge system ensures that each solar panel produces the maximum possible amount of electricity for the entire lifetime of the system.

Enhanced system monitoring – With a SolarEdge system you can monitor your solar production at solar panel level which ensures that every part of your solar power system is working to its full capacity. This level of monitoring is FREE for the life of the system.

SolarEdge Inverter Monitoring

Industry leading warranties –  25 years on DC Optimizers and 12 years on inverters

Ultra-safe DC – if the SolarEdge inverter is turned off for any reason the system automatically de-energizes the solar cables making the entire system safe.

SolarEdge Ultra Safe DC

The SolarEdge solution consists of the following components:

SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter

SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter

The HD-Wave Inverter is the latest model from SolarEdge and recently won the prestigious 2016 Intersolar award, and is an entirely new inverter concept with industry leading performance and reliability.


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SolarEdge E-Series Inverter - The Sun Works

E-Series Residential Three Phase Inverters

SolarEdge systems are now available for homes with 3 phase electricity. The new residential SolarEdge E-Series inverter features multiple design improvements over old models.


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SolarEdge DC Optimizer - The Sun Works

SolarEdge DC Optimizer:

The SolarEdge power optimizer is a small DC/DC converter which is installed underneath every solar panel and ensures maximum performance and solar power generation.


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SolarEdge System Monitoring - The Sun Works

SolarEdge Monitoring

Monitoring your solar power system is very important to enable you to get the best return on your investment. SolarEdge monitoring is FREE for the life of the system.


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SolarEdge ModBus Meter

SolarEdge Consumption Meter

Take the monitoring of your solar power system to the next level with the SolarEdge consumption meter.

See your system production and household energy consumption at a glance on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

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5 Star Review - The Sun WorksI did my homework prior to engaging a company, and I’m glad I choose Sunworks Solar. The whole team were amazing from the very start! They had an abundance of knowledge, which they explained in lay terms. Reasonably priced. They had the job done well before time. They were nothing but professional and respectful. Highly recommended!!
They were nothing but professional and respectful