We have been installing quality Solar Power systems on the Sunshine Coast and throughout South East Queensland for more than 8 years and in that time we have seen quite a few faulty solar panels.

Faulty solar panels are quite rare and some issues such as yellowing EVA and panel hot spots are easy to spot and can be seen at a distance, other issues are not so easy to see. All solar panels have bypass diodes, some have 3 and others 4 and these are designed to minimize the impact partial shading has on a solar panel however bypass diodes can and do fail.

If a single bypass diode fails on a solar panel with 3 bypass diodes the power output from that solar panel will be reduced by 1/3 rd – in a string inverter system all the solar panels in that string would be reduced by 1/3rd as well dramatically reducing the output from the system. Bypass diode failures generally occur months after the system has been commissioned and it is very difficult for the homeowner to know if there is a problem with their solar panels unless they have a SolarEdge system with individual panel monitoring.

SolarEdge systems ensure that each and every solar panel in your system will produce the maximum amount of energy each and every day and the beauty of SolarEdge system is that you can monitor the performance of each solar panel on the SolarEdge monitoring portal.

This SolarEdge solar power system on the Sunshine Coast worked perfectly for 6 months until one of the bypass diodes in solar panel 1.1.8 failed. As you can see the power output from that solar panel was only 572.5Wh whereas all the others were 850Wh and higher. Our trained staff spotted the issue the very next day and remotely diagnosed a blown diode by analysing the solar panel voltage of that panel compared to the others. The solar panel was replaced that day before the homeowner had even realised there was a problem with their system.


This level of transparency and sophisticated reporting is not available on string inverters therefore if you want to ensure your solar power system is working correctly then the only option is to install a SolarEdge system.

Sunworks Solar is the largest installer of SolarEdge solar power systems on the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland.