SMA Sunny Boy Storage

SMA SunnyBoy Storage

The SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit is an AC coupled battery inverter that is designed to work with all high voltage lithium battery units including

Tesla Powerwall 1

LG Chem RESU High Voltage 7H and 10H

Due to its AC coupled design the SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit is suitable for retrofit on any existing solar power system regardless of what brand of inverter you currently have. Installing the SMA backup retrofit kit will allow the SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit to provide power to your home even if the electricity grid fails.

The SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit offers the flexibility of a Wi-FI or Ethernet connection for simple monitoring of your battery system via SMA’s Sunny Portal software.

Key Features:

  • AC coupled – can be easily retro-fitted to all existing solar power systems as the Sunny Boy Storage is compatible with all solar inverter brands (installation on inverter brands other than SMA will require the installation of an SMA smart meter and a Sunny Home Manager)
  • Not limited to a single battery manufacturer
  • High efficiency of up to 97%
  • 2.5kW charge and discharge rate
  • Low weight only 9 kgs
  • Built in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection for monitoring


Can I add an SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit to my existing solar power system?

Yes – the SMA Sunny Boy Storage is compatible with all brands of existing solar inverters.

Why is the charge and discharge rate only 2.5kW?

90% of total power loads in Australian households are less than 2,000 watts therefore a higher discharge rate is not required

Why have SMA chosen to use AC coupled architecture?

AC coupled makes the SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit extremely flexible as it is compatible with all brands of solar inverters

Is AC coupling less efficient than a DC coupled system?

AC coupling is slightly less efficient than DC coupling however the difference is minimal. As you can see from the calculation below the efficiency of the AC coupled systems is 1.5% less than a DC coupled system. In real terms the loss of power is the equivalent of 100watts.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

SMA Warranty Information

SMA Warranty Info

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