Sunworks solar has just completed the installation of a 11.5kW system on a technology business in Forest Glen. The installation was originally installed by another company using string inverters however following safety concerns the owner wanted to switch to Enphase micro inverters. As the leading installer of Enphase micro inverters on the Sunshine Coast we were selected to remove all the existing system and wiring and reinstall the panels using Enphase M215 micro inverters.

After installation we immediately noticed that one of the previously installed CSUN 250watt panels was underperforming the others due to a blown diode meaning that only 2/3rds of that panel was producing electricity. On a string inverter this would have been almost impossible to detect and would have reduced the power production of the entire string by 2/3rds however the panel level monitoring provided by Enphase made diagnosis of the problem simple and it was quickly fixed.