With electricity prices on the rise and the beautiful sunny climate Australia sees much of the year, it is no wonder so many people are turning to solar panels. With summer in full swing, there has never been a better time to join in and harness the power of the sun. The Sun Works is a Sunshine Coast solar panel supplier who has a wide range of solar products on offer to help you save money and the environment.

Residential solar power
Traditional solar panels are placed on top of the roof. They capture the sun’s energy, send it to the inverter where it is converted to AC and then used to power your home. Any excess energy goes back to the grid. There are a number of different residential systems to choose from, varying in the kilowatts they provide and the inverter used.

Hybrid solar power systems
A hybrid system uses both solar power and a backup battery storage bank so you are never without power. While it is more expensive, with a correctly sized battery bank you can benefit from being fully self-sufficient, using solar power 24 hours a day, reducing energy costs and having access to power even during a blackout.

Standalone solar power
For rural homes, connecting to the grid can cost more money that it is worth. A standalone solar power system, or SAP, is a great solution, as it relies solely on the energy from the sun to power your home, with no need to be connected to the grid. It is recommended to combine this with a backup generator if your power consumption exceeds the stated kWh size of the system.

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