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Tigo Energy, founded in 2007, is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Since then Tigo have grown to become industry leaders in MLPE (module level power electronics). Tigo has operations in the USA, Central & South America, Caribbean, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, South Pacific, and the Middle East. 

Unlike SolarEdge optimisers which only work with SolarEdge inverters Tigo TS4 optimisers will work with any brand or model of solar inverter including Fronius and Sungrow and any brand of solar panel including REC, Risen, LG and so on, providing greater flexibility when choosing the residential solar power system right for your Gympie,  Sunshine Coast or Brisbane home

How does Tigo work?

Tigo Optimisers increase solar energy system production by reducing or eliminating production losses caused by “mismatch”.

Solar panels are connected together in series to form a string, if one or more of your Tigo panels is underperforming, due to shade from a tree or other structure, the entire string of solar panels produces less energy. This is “mismatch”.

Compare a string of solar panels to cars on a road, if there is an accident or roadworks, all the cars on the road have to slow down and fewer cars get to their destination because of the congestion. In a solar power system the flow of traffic is called current and it represents the number of electrons (or cars) that can cross a particular section of an electrical circuit at any given time.

Solar power panel mismatch is like roadworks and reduces the amount of power your clean energy system can produce.

The most commons causes of mismatch are:

  • Rooftop Shading: Shading from trees, vent pipes, TV antennas, Satellite dishes all reduce the amount of sunlight that falls on some or all of your solar panels.
  • Clouds:  Clouds block and reflect sunlight when they pass over a solar power system, this leads to significant decreases in the amount of sunlight hitting each solar panel causing mismatch.

Other forms of mismatch are:

  • Manufacturing mismatch: When manufactured, Solar cells are not identical and all produce differing amounts of power. Solar panel manufacturers use cells with comparable power outputs to manufacture solar panels however this does not give a set power output and all panels have a power range, for example REC TwinPeak 2 295watt solar panels can range in power output from 295watts to 299.99watts.
  • Thermal gradients: Solar Panels towards the edge of a string of solar panels receive greater air flow and run cooler than solar panels in the centre of the string. Since the power output of a solar power is reduced the hotter they are this can lead to a difference of up to 7% difference in power output between hot and cold panels.
  • Uneven soiling: Solar power system, like anything that is exposed to the elements 365 days a year, get dirty. Differing amount of soiling and dirt changes the amount of light that each solar panel receives, leading to differing levels of power production in each panel.
  • Variable degradation: The power production from solar panels reduces over time however this does not occur in a linear fashion and all solar panels degrade at different rates.

Eliminating or reducing mismatch by installing Tigo Optimisers will increase the performance of your solar power system. it does this in 2 ways, Predictive IV and Impedance Matching

Predictive IV is a patent pending technology which makes solar panels smart. Every solar panel learns how obstructions like clouds and trees move across the sun’s path on a year-round basis, so that every single panel operates as efficiently as possible, 365 days a year.

When a solar panel is mismatched due to something like shade, a current tunnel is opened so that solar panels that are producing less power don’t drag down the performance of other solar panels in the same string. This is like implementing a diversion around a road  accidents to prevent traffic jams. This applies not only to shade, but also mismatches caused by heat, soiling, and other sources.

As discussed above the biggest cause of solar panel mismatch is shading and one of the benefits of Tigo Energy optimisers is that you can choose to optimise just the solar panels that have shading – in this example only 2 panels have been optimised which significantly minimises costs whilst ensuring maximum performance.

Performance with Tigo

Tigo Benefits


Performance without Tigo


Tigo TS4-OKey Features of the Tigo TS4-O optimiser:

  • Works with all solar inverters and solar panels
  • Increases energy production
  • Gives greater design flexibility
  • Maximizes roof space usage
  • 25 year warranty



Solar panels with Tigo solar optimisers can also be monitored by installing the Tigo Access Point and the Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced into your solar power system.

A video introduction to Tigo


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