Commercial Solar Power Basics

What can solar do for my business?

Solar power and power factor correction can be an excellent way for a business to significantly reduce its energy consumption. However, the return on investment is going to be different for each and every business, making it important to engage an experienced solar company that can recommend and install a quality solar solution specific to your business needs.

Sun Works Solar Commercial


As a part of our commercial solar power service on the Sunshine Coast, SunWorks Solar will analyse your energy patterns via 30 second interval data if available, followed up by a detailed discussion with you and your management team. Once we have a full understanding of your energy profile, we will provide you with a detailed quote and return on investment calculations to enable you to make an informed decision about whether solar power is right for your business.

Smaller businesses can get an excellent return from solar power systems under 15kW in size, whereas larger businesses may require systems up to 100kW or even larger. In South East Queensland, Energex has different regulations for systems up to 30kW (inverter size) and over 30kW. Systems over 30kW require considerably more work and incur higher external costs than those of 30kW or less.

The choice of equipment for a business’ solar power system is vitally important, as we want to ensure maximum uptime and therefore maximum return for all our customers. For this reason, we only install commercial solar power systems across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with Fronius inverters and solar panels from REC, Risen or LG.

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